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Across the Sea of Time
Adventures in Wild California
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  • Alamo (The)
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  • Alamo, The Price of Freedom
    All Access
    Alps: Giants of Nature (The)
    Arctic (The)
    Australia: Land Beyond Time
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  • Behold Hawaii
    Big Country
    Big Wave Hunters
    Champions, August 2005
    Chang Jiang: The Great River of China
    Cirque du Soleil: Journey of Man
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  • Cosmic Dancer
    Dance of Life
    Dance of the East
    Discoverers (The)
    Drop of Nirvana (A)
    Eagle: America's Tall Ship
    Eli and the Lost Tribes of Uganda



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  • Extreme

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  • Faces of Japan
    Fiddle (The) (Ozarks: Legacy and Legend)
    First Emperor of China (The)
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  • Forces of Nature

    Gold Fever (The)

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  • Grand Canyon Adventure
    Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets
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  • Great American West
    Great Barrier Reef (The)
    Great North
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  • Greece:Secrets of the Past
    Heart Land
    Hidden Arabia
    Hidden Hawaii (Hawaii, Born in Paradise)
    Hurricane on the Bayou
    I write in Space
    Island of a Thousand Voices: New Guinea

    India: Kingdom of the Tiger

    Indonesia Indah III
    Island Child (Indonesian Child)
    John Lennon Imagine Project
    Legend of Loch Lomond
    Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West
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  • Mark Twain's America
    Magnificent Desolation
    Michael Jordan to the Max
    Mount McKinley
    Mummies: Secrets of the Pharoahs
    Mysteries of Egypt
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  • Mystery of the Maya

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  • Mystic India
    Mystery of the Nile
    Nascar: The Imax 3D Experience, March 2004
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  • Native Americans
    Niagara: Miracles, Myths & Magic
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  • Our Country
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  • Olympic Glory
    On Guard!
    Polynesian Odyssey
    Pirate's Quest (A)
    Proud American
    Rania's Ramadan
    Return to Everest
    Rheged: The Lost Kingdom
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  • Ride Around the World
    River of Doubt
    Runaway Monk (The)
    Sacred Journey
    Sacred Planet
    Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure
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  • Shinshu Symphony
    Romans (The)
    Sydney: Story of a City
    Texas: The Big Picture
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  • The Heart of India, late 2004


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  • Vikings
    Wired to Win
    Zion Canyon - Treasure of the Gods
    United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
    Family First: A Parent's Guide to Kids and Culture
    National Geographic News: People and Culture
    National Geographic: History and Culture
    Culture Canada: People
    Peoples and Culture of Uganda
    People and Cultures of the Southwest
    Randburg: The Nordic Countries
    Grand Canyon Explorer
    The Maya Civilization
    Cirque du Soleil
    Hawaii Exploration
    Guide to Australia