Martin José Dignard
TVA International, Large Format Films

Instigator of the Great North film project in IMAX®, Martin Dignard first fell in love with the Great North in February 1979. Participating in a student exchange program, he spent two weeks with an Inuit family in the northernmost Inuit village of Quebec: Ivujivik. Over a two-week period, Martin learned how to build an igloo and hunt seal. He also took lots of photos, and began to dream about bringing the northern experience to life on a big screen.

Over the past 18 years, Martin Dignard has built a diversified career in theatre and thematic shows. He acquired first-hand experience of stage and live shows through his work on plays, televised galas; orchestra and rock tours, and large scale outdoors shows. His responsibilities in these diverse areas have in turn included those of technical director, tour manager, production manager, and line producer. He has worked on three continents, assuming key roles in various productions originating in Montreal and New York.

More recently, he acted as production manager for the world-renowned Cirque du Soleil tour in Japan. This first experience in Asia was immediately renewed with his following assignment as Line Producer for the 33 000 square foot multimedia exhibition Cinema Avenue, which was ordered by the city of Tokyo to celebrate the centennial of cinema. This last event was attended by a record number of 220 000 spectators over a 64-day period.

Martin Dignard joined TVA International in 1996, as the first member of the newly created Large Format Films unit. He immediately set to work, initiating the development of five projects. Great North is the first of these to be released.

For Martin, the dream has become real.


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