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25,000 caribou in downtown Montréal
Montreal, January 30, 2001

Famous Players presents an exclusive: the new IMAX® film

Montréal, January 30, 2001—In an exclusive Canadian premiere, the IMAX® film Great North, produced and distributed by TVA International, will be showing at the Paramount Montréal IMAX® theatre from February 9 to June 2001. The film will be presented in its original English version (Great North) and in French as well.

Great North ( is a large-format IMAX® film, the beauty of which won over critics and audiences alike during recent screenings in Montreal at the World Film Festival, and in London and Los Angeles. The film was hailed by the Montreal daily newspaper La Presse as “probably the most beautiful film every made about the North (…) a masterpiece of cinematography”. Great North introduces Inuit peoples living in harmony with the harsh elements of the Canadian Arctic, within the world’s largest herd of migratory mammals: the caribou, and also describes the way of life of the Saami culture of Northern Sweden.

Filming of Great North, which began in Québec in the fall of 1998 North of the 55th Parallel, wrapped up in the fall of 1999, with post-production ending in May 2000. The production team also filmed in Sweden, above the Arctic Circle. A powerful tribute to the Inuit culture, Great North is also a valuable record supported by stunning land and aerial images, as well as by a dramatic original soundtrack by Violaine Corradi. The unique experience of large-format screen projections take viewers on an odyssey through majestic polar regions, whose rarely seen wealth of fauna and nature command respect and wonder. Thanks to the IMAX® process, Great North captures the essence of the Arctic polar circle, one of the planet’s least explored territories.

Great North is produced and directed by Montrealer Martin J. Dignard, with directors of photography Dominique Gentil and David De Volpi. Great North is edited by James Lahti (associate producer) and written by Georges-Hébert Germain and David Homel. Executive producers are André Picard (well-known as the producer of several IMAX® films such as Rolling Stones at the Max – the first large format feature film – as well as Titanica and Fires of Kuwait, and as co-producer of the 3D IMAX® film on the Cirque du Soleil – Journey of Man) and Desirée Edmar of the Swedish Museum of Natural History.

Great North is a presentation of Hydro-Québec, in association with the Swedish Museum of Natural History and Japan’s Imagica Corporation. Sponsored in part by Falconbridge Limited, Tourisme Québec, and the Nunavik Tourism Association, Great North was produced with the participation of the Québec Film and Television Tax Credit, the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit, the “Wild” Zoo of Saint-Félicien, Chlorophylle, and First Air.

TVA International Inc., founded in 1997, is a subsidiary of the TVA Group. In May 2000, the TVA Group and Capital Communications CDPQ, a subsidiary of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, acquired Motion International, a world leader in the production and distribution of films and TV programming. As part of this transaction, the TVA Group integrated its wholly owned subsidiary TVA International with Motion’s international production and distribution operations. TVA International’s head office is located in Montréal, with offices in Toronto and Los Angeles.

IMAX® is a registered Trademark of Imax Corporation, Mississauga (Canada).


Renée-Claude Ménard
Vice-President, Marketing and Communications
TVA International
(514) 284-2525