The Boxer: Adventures in Animation 3D

Colorful virtual hosts Phil and Maria will lead you through The Boxer: Adventures in Animation 3D, using the giant-screen format's multi-story crystal-clear images, super-powerful digital sound, and realistic 3D to full advantage as they showcase the creation of virtual actor Slim, beginning with his "birth" as a single polygon. When Slim is "complete" --big ego and all-- Phil and Maria set him loose his first film set, a 1930s boxing arena filled with cheering fans. Slim's role is as a featherweight boxer convinced by a shady boxing promoter to fight heavyweight Killer, a mountain of muscle who has 43 wins--all by knockout--under his belt.

Will Slim be a success in his first role?

And, equally important, what is the answer to Maria's "big question": "Will virtual actors ever replace real actors?"

This award-winning film is currently available in 15/70mm in both 3D and 2D, including anaglyphic 3D for exhibition in 2D theaters.

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