15/70mm Camera Rentals:


With the acquisition of three 15/65mm camera systems, Big Films recently launched a new Montreal based large format (LF) camera rental company. The firm also acquired a host of accessories including Hasselblad lenses, a sound blimp and an underwater housing.

The cameras, formerly known as "Ultra 70 LF Cameras", were originally manufactured by Fries Engineering of Los Angeles and designed in the early nineties to complement the launch of World Odyssey , the first 15-perf/70-mm projection system competitor to IMAX Systems. Since being purchased by World Odyssey the cameras have undergone extensive modification and re-machining. The film feed and movements have been extensively re-engineered, a vacuum system has been installed, and the magazines and torque motors have all been rebuilt to ensure their reliability and streamlined use.

After acquiring the three 15/65mm cameras Big Films has worked closely with Wilson Machine of Montreal, to further enhance the functioning and quality of the cameras and insure a reliable rental system for its clients.

Big Films President, Daniel White, noted that the firm had been looking for a strong 8-perf/65mm camera system but opted for the three modified Fries units after reviewing an extensive series of film tests. White says he was convinced that the simplicity of the camera system would ensure their future reliability and at the same time allow BiG Films to offer an extremely economic camera solution to the large format production community.

Currently the camera department is involved in developing a 3D rig
which will carry 2 15/70 cameras.

15/70 3D Camera Rig

Camera rental rate

Camera manual



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