An interactive educational web component for your website

Wouldn't it be nice if your core clientele visited your web-site every day?

That's exactly what will happen if you join the Explorers Club on E-Pals, an interactive email hosting service that offers your institution the opportunity to integrate your core educational clientele into the worlds largest online community. There they'll be invited to participate in open forums about giant screen movies, related subjects, touring exhibits and other topics of interest. E-Pals is the world's number one safe, monitored, classroom exchange and its success is growing every day.

E-Pals offers educational users an email account that links them to 4.5 million kids and teachers in 191 countries. There they can safely discuss world events and issues that affect us all. With the addition of the Explorers Club on E-Pals they will now be able to participate in discussion forums about the educational films you're exhibiting.

E-Pals users will enter your own online community through the front window of your web site which offers you a unique opportunity to connect with your core clientele on a daily basis.
E-Pals professional team of educators monitor a wide array of discussion forums and will be able to provide your programming committee with the answers to many important questions that long proven elusive to giant screen exhibitors and educators such as:

- How do you know that you are full-filling your goal of providing a satisfying lifelong learning experience to your visitors?

- How can you gain the valuable feedback you need to make your programming decision?

- How can you keep your core clients informed about what's going on in your facility on a daily basis?

The Explorers Club and E-pals Classroom exchange have teamed up to provide you with a solution to answer to all of these questions. The Explorers Club not only provides an interactive window onto the world of giant screen films, each and every giant screen movie, web site, and educators guide can be accessed through the Explorers Club.

The Explorers Club on E-pals offers automatic translation into eight languages as a sure way of connecting you and your clients to the largest student safe online community on the planet. Chances are some of the students your clients will meet online live within the subject area of the film you are showing in your theater today.
Your end users will gain access to the world of giant screen films in an unprecedented way and gain access to other resources never offered before. The possibilities are endless.


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