Production Services:

Animation & SFX

BiG Films uses many software platforms including SoftImage XSI, Lightwave and Maya animation softwares, Digital Fusion effecfts and Compositing softwares, the full 10 box set of the legendary 5D Effects package, and Ultimatte.

Image Enhancement & Reformatting

BiG Films is a pioneer in large format image up res and enhancement. In 1992 BiG Films began developing specialized large format digital tools that allow us to reformat images at unprecendented quality levels. The company has applied this toolset on over ten IMAX features, most recently in Volcanoes of the Deep Sea.

3D Topographic Imaging

The 3D Topographical Imaging software allows filmmakers to assemble and explore virtual 3D worlds based on real sonar bathymetry and satellite imaging

Digital Volumetric Imaging

The DVI system guarantees high-precision three-dimensional images of microscopic materials, biological structures, tissues and materials, adding credibility and realism to any film or video production.

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