Zion Canyon - Treasure of the Gods:

"Zion Canyon: Treasure of the Gods" makes it possible for viewers to explore the hidden recesses and dizzying heights of the Canyon in breathtaking detail. The immense panoramas filling the screen make viewers a part of the journey to discover the real Zion Canyon and its treasures, as well as the treasures of other beautiful canyons of the Southwest.

Zion Canyon is produced by O. Douglas Memmott and Academy Award winning director Kieth Merrill. The latter has produced 6 other IMAX films and says that Treasure of the Gods is the most logistically difficult film he has ever made and he believes it is the most spectacular. "As many of our shots reveal, the beauty and drama of Zion Canyon is unequalled. We carted cameras and equipment into places only half a dozen climbers and canyoneers have ever been". It has played exclusively in the Zion Canyon Giant Screen Theatre in Utah, USA. It is now available for a worldwide audience.

Length: 40 mins. Available in 15/70mm

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