3D Camera Rig Development:

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Big Films has begun working to develop a 15/70mm 3D camera system. The company wants to provide a more cost effective 3d filming solution. Two of Big Films' modified Fries 3X65 cameras have been mounted on a new modified version of the original 3D rig used to produce TRANSITIONS and the LAST BUFFALO. A new electronics synchronization system was also manufactured by Fries Engineering of Los Angeles and the first set of 3D film prints were successfully produced during film tests which took place on Nox Leavitt's farm in Southern Ontario this past September. The results were excellent and were later screened during the Giant Screen Consortium's Producer's Summit in Montreal on October 21st and 22nd.

Now, phase two of the development is underway with the objective of making the system permanent and integrating a mechanical sync, pan and tilt crane head. The rig under construction will weight approximately 300lbs fully loaded.

Anyone interested in viewing the test materials or learning more about the system should contact Gord Harris of Go R&D Consulting at 1-905-0 873-7481 or at




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