BIG Films first opened as a distribution house in 1987 to launch The First Emperor of China, and went on to acquire TVA International's large format film library.

Since then, the Big Films library has grown to include the CGI hit The Boxer: Adventures in Animation 3D, as well as the re-released Zion Canyon - Treasure of the Gods; part of our Civilization Series along with First Emperor of China, Mystery of the Maya, Shinsyu Symphony, and Great North .

Other titles include Skydance, Origins of Life,, Momentum and Transitions. Big Films is also distributing its own 5 minute pre-show, The Explorers Club.
High Flying Adventure!       ~       Deep Sea Discovery!
Ocean Origins
Exciting Animation!
Legend of the Forest
The Explorer's Club
Adventures in Animation
Scarecrow 3D
The Civilization Series
Shinsyu Symphony
Mystery Of The Maya
The First Emperor
Of China
Great North
The Spirit of Wonder
Specialty Films


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