Animation & SFX Production

Big Films has produced hours of computer animation and now offers a very large and diversified library of organic bi-pedal & quadra-pedal motion files to its clientele. Whatever your project we can supply the most realistic motion files to compliment your special effects. Our animation department consists of extremely talented 2D animators and our experienced production managment team can ensure a smooth interface for a large variety of your creative elements.

The studio is a recognized digital large format pioneer for its work developing a revolutionary archival image enhancement software. The results of this effort are currently featured in IMAX® films like EVEREST, SUPERSPEEDWAY, MIGRATIONS, AVALANCHE HUNTER, VOLCANOES OF THE ABYSS and THE EXPLORERS CLUB.

Big Films uses many software platforms including SoftImage XSI, Lightwave and Maya animation softwares, Digital Fusion effecfts and Compositing softwares, the full 10 box set of the legendary 5D Effects package, and Ultimatte.

Click here to see some sample clips of BiG Films's 3D animation for the newly released IMAX feature "Volcanoes Of The Deap Sea".
Click here for a sample animation from The Dinosaur Simulator.
Click here for a sample animation from The Explorer's Club Short.



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