Daniel White
Animation Director/ Special Effects Supervisor

Daniel White began his career in 1987 as a producer with one of Canada's most prestigious and longest standing production companies, Crawley Films of Ottawa. After developing and producing numerous corporate and documentary film projects he was promoted to Executive Producer and secured financing to launch one of the first IMAX docu-dramas, The First Emperor of China in 1988.

In 1989 White established BiG Films to produce and distribute IMAXâ movies beginning with the French bi-centennial film J'écris dans l'espace (I Write in Space). The firm quickly expanded into post-production, special effects and digital large format R&D. A successful partnership with D.O.M.E. Productions in 1993 lead to the creation of a highly sophisticated LF film reformatting software that allows LF filmmakers to seamlessly integrate enhanced archival video, HD, and 35mm images into IMAX movies.

White has received animation and special effect supervisor credits on many widely acclaimed IMAX films including Stephen Low's Mario Andretti homage, SuperSpeedway 1997, and MacGillivary-Freeman's 1998 hit film - Everest In 99'. The release of the computer animated ride film , Dinosaur Hunter, a natural history adventure film marked White's first director producer credit. The same year BiG Films earned post-production credits after completing more than twenty-five effects and animation shots for Amazing Journeys - The Greatest Migrations and produced the large format trailer for the upcoming feature the Avalanche Hunter from Peregrine Pictures.

BiG Films has also contributed effects and image repair services to, Shackleton from White Mountain films and Lost Worlds - Life in the Balance for Blue Mountain Films. The studio produced the IMAX format corporate signature for PSEG at the Liberty Science Center, and the new Celebration Signature for John Loeks Celebration Cinema Chain in Michigan.

White is currently preparing the launch of a new animated IMAX pre-show, the Explorer's Club and is supervising animation and effects for Stephen Low's new deep-sea adventure film - Volcanoes of the Deep Sea.