Digital Volumetric Imaging (DVI)

BiG Films has acquired exclusive licensing rights to a unique new high-resolution volumetric imaging technology. Film and television producers will now have access to amazing 3D imagery produced through a revolutionary new system known as Digital Volumetric Imaging (DVI). DVI allows animation and digital visualizations of three-dimensional biological structures, tissues and materials.

The Digital Volumetric Imaging process is a significantly modified method of histotechnology that is automated. DVI images the entire material embedded in the sample block, generating hundreds of virtual sections (2 dimensional surface images). This is called block face microscopy, in which a cut surface, or face, of the block is digitally imaged prior to sectioning. This approach preserves the three-dimensional relationships in the overall sample. Eliminating the glass slide reduces technical problems with sample distortion, making possible three-dimensional sets of very high fidelity digital data from a variety of materials. Entire samples are stained with fluorescent dyes and then embedded in a polymer with special optical properties.

Our complete imaging service includes the proprietary sample preparation process, digital imaging and conversion of the resulting data, color art direction, pre-visualization, animation, render, composite and film-out of the most accurate high-resolution animation possible. The resulting images can then be printed onto film or videotape for use in movies and television series in any format including standard 16mm, 35mm and 8/35mm Vista Vision, 5, 8,10, and 15 perf 65mm formats. The DVI system guarantees high-precision three-dimensional images of microscopic materials, adding credibility and realism to any film or video production.



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