The Great North:

GREAT NORTH shows us unique ways of living that are perfectly adapted to extreme environments. Patience, a respect for nature's lessons and the bonds of community are what's needed. Inside their snow houses and tents, we watch the Inuit and Saami passing on what they know to their children, making sure that their way of life will remain eternal.

Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the 6th annual Imax film festival in Paris, France in February 2001, Great North has played with much success in Theatres in Taipai, Taiwan; Leon, Mexico and Stockholm, Sweden amongst others. With the coming 2007-2008 International Polar Year, Great North has never been more popular! It is currently playing in theaters worldwide.

Length: 38 mins. Available in 15/70mm.

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Check out the Great North Teacher's Guide below:

Introduction (1.2 MB)
Chapter 1: The Far North and its Environment (716 K)
Chapter 2: Northern Flora and Fauna (1.6 MB)
Chapter 3: Caribou and Reindeer (2.3 MB)
Chapter 4: The Inuit (628 K)
Chapter 5: The Saami (736 K)
Chapter 6: The Making of Great North (832 K)

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