Now you can rejuvenate used prints and protect new prints to last longer.

Developed by 3M, THD/ Photogard™ is a unique coating system that applies an optically clear, protective coating to both sides of processed black and white or color motion picture film, both negative and positive.

THD/Photogard™ is applied by a specially designed, precision coater developed by 3M. It is the only coating that has the "rejuvenation" effect on both sides of film (polyester or acetate). Tough, clear THD/Photogard™ coating is only 2.5 microns (.1mm) thick - so microscopically thin that it does not affect the projection viewing quality.

It is permanent; nothing can remove it. Once the film is treated with THD/Photogard™, it never needs to nor can it be re-coated. The coating provides a protective shield against scratches, static electricity, dirt, smudges, and bacteria.

THD/Photogard™ coating protects films completely, seals against damage, and extends projection runs.

THD/Photogard™ Characteristics:

  • Fills in base and emulsion top coat scratches, thereby eliminating black lines on prints or negatives
  • Coated negatives will last significantly longer
  • Yields prints of better uniformity, quality, and color rendition
  • Highly abrasion resistant (equal to glass in hardness).
  • Dissipates static electricity
  • Water repellent
  • Pen, crayon, grease marks and fingerprints are easily cleaned
  • Antibacterial reduces mold growth during prolonged storage of film
  • Contains its own permanent lubrication to enhance projection
  • Suitable for acetate or polyester film bases in practically all thickness and widths
  • Keeps your films looking good longer.

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